Plan your Wedding Right – Hire the Best Wedding Planner


Weddings are considered as once-in-a-lifetime experiences for both man and woman, and no, getting married twice or thrice will never be as special as the first one. But weddings, grand as they may be, take a lot of work and they require careful and precise planning. This can be stressful for the bride, groom, and even the wedding planner. A good wedding planner can give you everything, but the best wedding planner can give you more than that. They make the wedding planning process a lot easier.


How can you make sure that you’re hiring the best wedding planner in town?

In my years as a planner, I find that these qualities are found in the best wedding planner.

Empathy – Empathic wedding planners are just great and I know a couple of planners who are just that. They make it a point to know their clients and put themselves in their shoes so they will be able to figure out what their client really wants. The stress of planning a wedding can take its toll on a bride or groom, so a wedding planner needs to be able to understand what they’re going through so he or she will be able to alleviate said stress.


Quality – No one can deny that a half-baked wedding is just terrible. Wedding planners that aim to be the best will deliver the best quality of service that their client deserves. Mediocrity is not something that a wedding planner should promise, but rather, excellence is the key to becoming the best and standing out from the rest.


The extra mile – Hand in hand with quality is the ability to go the extra mile. Wedding planners know how things don’t always work out like they’re supposed to. The band cancels or the venue suddenly becomes unavailable. He or she aims to find the next best thing possible for their clients. I recall a certain wedding in Toronto where the reception hall that the bride wanted was not available. The next best thing that the wedding planner did was to book another venue that had the same features as the previous one and even managed to secure a 10% discount on the venue.

Personal connection – A wedding planner aims to become your best friend and strives to give you what you want, and not some businessman or businesswoman just trying to satisfy a client with mediocre quality. A wedding planner that takes the time to get to know the couple is more capable of giving the best wedding possible than the ones who don’t.

Wedding Gift Ideas – Appropriate and Inappropriate Ones


I have seen my fair share of appropriate and inappropriate wedding gifts that sometimes come off as either hilarious or just plain wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate a good laugh when it comes to giving or receiving gifts, but there are times when inappropriate gifts just don’t cut it. One of these times is a wedding.

Now, people may not realize this, but there are actually certain items that are considered appropriate for weddings and some of them aren’t. this is dependent on culture, need, and want. No, you are not exempted from receiving inappropriate wedding gifts if you’re registered on a gift registry.

I have divided the gifts according to the following categories.

First, we have the appropriate gifts and why they are perfect for weddings:


1.)    Appliances – You don’t have to get them a TV, but I have seen couples receiving 50-inch TVs from their relatives. You can get them the basics like a stove or oven. This is because they might be moving into a new place together and helping them furnish their new place is just terrific. You can consider giving them a blender, toaster, coffee maker, or even a compact heater.


2.)    Pillows – When it comes to giving them new furnishings, pillows should be a staple. You can opt between throw pillows or bed pillows, and they’re also very convenient.


3.)    Ceramics and glass products – These gift items are in the plenty, like plates, glasses, and even decorative figurines.

What do these three categories have in common? They are ideal for furnishing the new place and they are something that the newlyweds may need or even want. These gift items are very useful, and I count aesthetics as functional too.

Now we have the inappropriate ones. What shouldn’t you give to the newlyweds?

1.)    Adult recreational sex toys – I am ashamed to admit it, but I recall a certain wedding where a couple got a BDSM kit (look it up yourself), or what seems to be a collection of BDSM items that were just collected and turned into a kit. This is just pretty much self-explanatory. I think that you should never give newlyweds something as awkward as this. This should be reserved for the stag parties.

2.)    Re-gifted items – Re-gifted items are items that were given as gifts but were unopened, so they are given again, hence the term re-gifted. It’s inappropriate because giving away a gift that was given to you is just plain wrong. It doesn’t matter if the re-gifted items belong to one of the categories under appropriate gifts.


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