When is the RIGHT TIME to get married?

Question: “When is the correct time for marital relationship?”.

Solution: The right time for marriage is various for every person and one-of-a-kind to each scenario. Maturation levels and life experiences are differing elements; some individuals await marriage at 18, and some are never planned for it. As the united state divorce price goes beyond 50 percent, it is apparent that much of our society does not see marriage as a long lasting commitment. However, this is the globe’s view, which will normally contradict God’s (1 Corinthians 3:18).

A strong structure is important for a successful marriage and should be cleared up prior to one even begins to date or court a possible life mate. Our Christian walk needs to consist of far more than simply going to church on Sundays and being engageded in Bible research. We should have a personal connection with God that comes simply through trusting in and obeying Jesus Christ. We should inform ourselves about marriage, seeking God’s view on it, prior to diving in. A person must know exactly what the Bible states about love, commitment, sexual relations, the function of a husband and wife, and His expectations of us before committing to marriage. Having at the very least one Christian married couple as a role model is additionally vital. An older couple can address concerns about exactly what enters a successful marital relationship, how to develop intimacy (beyond the bodily), exactly how belief is invaluable, and so on

. A possible couple additionally should make certain that they know each other well. They should know each other’s views on marital relationship, financial resources, in-laws, child-rearing, self-control, obligations of a husband and wife, whether just one of them or both will certainly be functioning outside the home, and the level of the various other individual’s spiritual maturity. Many individuals obtain married taking their partner’s word for it that they are a Christian, only to figure out later on that it was simply lip service. Every couple thinking about marriage should go through counseling with a Christian marital relationship counselor or pastor. Actually, several pastors will not carry out weddings unless they have actually met several times with the couple in a therapy setting.

Marriage is not just a dedication, however an agreement with God. It is the guarantee to remain with that said various other individual for the remainder of your life, no matter whether your spouse is abundant, bad, healthy, unwell, overweight, underweight, or boring. A Christian marriage ought to endure via every scenario, consisting of fighting, temper, destruction, disaster, depression, anger, addiction, and isolation. Marriage must never ever be become part of with the idea that divorce is an alternative– not also as the last lick. The Bible informs us that through God all things are possible (Luke 18:27), and this absolutely consists of marital relationship. If a couple makes the decision at the starting to remain dedicated and to place God initially, separation will certainly not be the inescapable option to a miserable scenario.

It is important to remember that God intends to provide us the wishes of our heart, but that is simply possible if our desires match His. Folks usually get married because it just “feels right.” In the early stages of dating, or even of marriage, you see the other individual coming, and you obtain butterflies in your tummy. Love is at its peak, and you know the sensation of being “in love.” Numerous expect that this feeling will certainly stay forever. The reality is that it does not. The result can be frustration and even divorce as those feelings fade, however those in successful marital relationships recognize that the enjoyment of being with the other individual does not need to finish. As an alternative, the butterflies give way to a deeper love, a stronger dedication, a more strong foundation, and an unbreakable protection.

Big Mistakes Wedding Guests Make

Major Errors Your Visitors May Make

Not Sending RSVPs

What they did: Anyone which’s ever before planned a wedding event considereds the importance of a punctual RSVP– from plotting your seats chart to giving the event caterer a last head count, it’s difficult to proceed without a solid grasp of which’s coming. However, several of your visitors may address the RSVP as an uniqueness rather than a necessity.

How you can deal: Give it a week. Then, it’s time to provide them a call. Employee your maid of honor to assist you with phone responsibilities if you’re actually having problem with missing out on RSVPs. Or, better yet, send out a team email (use a blind CC) saying that you should considered by [insert due date] if they’re planning on going to. Keep the tone good, but company. Then, you just have to call those that do not reply to the email (which truly is a double-duty nasty).

Stop the cycle: Make the reply-by-date as very early as possible, say two weeks from the date you intend to forward the invitations. That way, when your visitors view that the deadline is quickly approaching, they’ll (hopefully) stick the reply card in the mail right then and there.

Appearing Late

Exactly what they did: You recognize just how some people turn up late to motion pictures because they considered there will be 20 mins of trailers? Some visitors

might have a similar notion for your ceremony. We understand one maid of honor who saw a late visitor stroll in directly behind the bride as she strolled down the aisle with her papa!

Ways to deal: For those who are truly late, ask an usher or your day-of organizer to hang out near the back of the ceremony site so they can make sure your processional goes uninterrupted, and to have them aid any type of late guest promptly and quietly locate a seat.

Stop the pattern: Give yourself a slight buffer for your family and friends who are never fairly on schedule. If your invites state the ceremony starts at 5:30 p.m., plan on walking down the aisle concerning 15 mins then.

Giving Unexpected Toasts

Exactly what they did: Weddings can be emotional events, and the toasts are an opportunity for your closest friends and family to share beliefs with the rest of your guests. Those very same emotions (and maybe excessive alcohol) can do funny factors to any type of otherwise reputable visitor, and some might feel forced to get the mic when they just weren’t asked to toast. Embarrassing stories, offensive anecdotes, and rambling rhetorics have all worked their way right into wedding toasts.

How you can deal: Unfortunately, you should merely grin and bear it. If the toast appears like it will never end, have the best man signal the band or DJ to thoroughly cut in. The other visitors will certainly value the motion as well.

Stop the pattern: Head off unexpected salutes by making sure the emcee of the evening (your DJ or bandleader) has a listing of authorized toasters. Tell them not to offer the mic to anybody that’s not arranged to speak, despite exactly how persistent their appeal for the microphone.

The Costs of Hiring a Wedding Planner

The Costs of Hiring a Wedding Planner<br />
<br />
A wedding event coordinator could assist you lesser the price of the wedding event when contrasted to exactly what you would certainly do if you intend the wedding event on your own. A little bit of added cash that you will certainly pay the wedding celebration coordinator will just aid you to make the wedding celebration also far better compared to which you had actually fantasized off.<br />
<br />
The finest alternative to have a fantastic wedding event but likewise not acquire worried out would certainly be to employ a wedding event coordinator which will certainly acquire the prep works for the wedding event done the means you wish it to.<br />
<br />
Just what it will certainly cost you for a wedding event organizer is based on which solutions you require the wedding event coordinator to meet. Wedding event coordinators could organize for wedding events, celebrations, acquire your wedding event invite done, aid you with wedding celebration prefers and also also assist you organize for your honeymoon. A wedding celebration organizer could aid you lesser the expense of the wedding event when contrasted to which you would certainly do if you prepare the wedding event on your own.<br />
<br />
<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/lBd3N9-ZonE?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe><br />
<br />
A wedding celebration coordinator will certainly organize nearly every little thing that is required for a celebration but a wedding event simply the means you desire it to be. Just what it will certainly cost you for a wedding event organizer is based on which solutions you require the wedding celebration coordinator to meet. Wedding event coordinators could organize for wedding events, functions, acquire your wedding event invite done, assist you with wedding event prefers but also aid you prepare for your honeymoon.<br />
<br />
Just before you choose a wedding event coordinator make certain that you look right into all the various wedding celebration coordinators which are readily available in the city but contrast their solutions as well as prices. A great economical wedding event coordinator will certainly behave like an understanding companion as well as assist you with all the elements of the wedding celebration. Be clear exactly what you really want the wedding celebration organizer to do just before you acquire the price specifics.<br />
<br />
There are umpteen number of things to be arranged out for a wedding event but this suggests the household participants which are organizing things for the wedding celebration are nearly constantly worried out. The finest choice to have an excellent wedding event but additionally not obtain emphasized out would certainly be to employ a wedding celebration coordinator which will certainly acquire the prep works for the wedding event done the method you wish it to.

Tropical Wedding Suggestions – 4 Pointers For The Perfect Beach Wedding


Tropical wedding concepts are an increasing trend in the wedding planning market. Destination weddings, beach wedding specifically, have actually come to be progressively more popular over the last couple of years.

Couples are looking for even more one-of-a-kind (as well as sometimes cheaper) means to obtain married. Tropical weddings are the excellent tool to combine a laid back attitude, friends and family and naturally a stunning background for your special day.

Tropical weddings need preparing that resembles typical weddings, nonetheless there are some jobs that are different and possibly difficult.

Location weddings supply an unique obstacle during that you may need to depend on your decided on hotel or a wedding planner to assist iron out all the infos. Since you might not be onsite until a day or more before your wedding, you require a strong group to assist you so you can prepare remotely.

Right here are 4 tropical wedding suggestions to assist with your planning:.

Area, Area, Location.

To have a tropical wedding, you require a tropical place. If you already live on a beach or in a tropical area you are one step ahead of the game.

For everyone else, this need to be your primary step. Find a resort, resort or other area that has the services you desire at a rate that suits your budget. Additionally see to it that the onsite wedding organizer and also other team is skilled as well as willing to help with every one of the information.

Decide on a Theme.

There are several different wedding motifs that go perfectly with a tropical wedding. Anything nautical or beach-related can be utilized as a motif or decorations, like watercrafts, lighthouses as well as seashells.

One-of-a-kind flower alternatives could also be made use of for your wedding theme. Concepts include orchids as well as Hawaiian bouquets.

Wedding apparel.

This type of wedding is normally more relaxed, which often receives the wedding dress that you choose. There are several styles like halter, strapless or sarong style that function perfectly.

For the people tuxes are still possible, nevertheless much more typical is linen pants with a white or Hawaiian shirt.


Obtaining wed in a tropical area permits you make the most of neighborhood products not found in other places. Flowers are the perfect instance of this.

Decide on tropical florals that are belonging to the location of your wedding. For instance, orchids and also birds of paradise are discovered in Hawaii and numerous Caribbean islands, and also they make lovely wedding blossoms.

These are merely a few ideas that are available to you. Other locations of your wedding from the enjoyment you choose to the food selection at your reception could have a tropical spin included in make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Want a remarkable wedding however strapped for cash money? When planning a wedding budget plan, involved couples commonly contemplate this question; “What is the very best way to save money but for a low cost?” The majority of weddings cost an average of $20,000- $50,000. This will not work out for money- strapped couples. Below, I supply cheap wedding ideas that will certainly match your wedding spending plan!

* Avoid the High Season: The bulk of wedding occasions occur in between the months of May- October. Having a ceremony in these months does not bode well for your spending plan. To stay clear of the high period, the best idea would be to obtain married in low- period months, such as December – March. Wedding suppliers additionally have much less reservations in these months so you will absolutely acquire a better rate for their solutions. Keep in mind to attempt to bargain (not bully!) advantageous expense for your budget plan. This is an affordable idea that will certainly not hurt your pockets!

* Cheap Wedding favors as your Centerpiece: A fantastic idea is to include inexpensive supports as a main feature. Votive candle lights with your event date and also shades is additionally a gorgeous and also affordable wedding idea that will cut costs!

* Cheap Wedding venues: Most Reception venues bill their greatest charges on weddings hung on Friday- Saturday. For low-cost wedding venues choices, try having your occasion on a vacation that happens to landed on a weekday or have your wedding on a Sunday or Monday. These days will likely assure a plan on your wedding budget.

* Inexpensive Wedding Cake: Who can manage an elaborate, costly wedding cake? To have an actually economical wedding cake, you can have a tiny wedding cake ahead and also a fake base for the reduced 2 tiers of the wedding cake. A sheet cake might be offered for the visitors. This is a cheap idea that will not make a dent in your wedding spending plan!

* Affordable Wedding Flowers: OK, so you’ve decided that you really want blossoms for your occasion. How to discover cost effective wedding blossoms fit for your budget plan? Discover what’s presently in season and also use additional green plants in your flowers. Additionally, make use of florals that the floral designers consistently have in stock. Carnations, Baby breaths, Roses and also Lily’s are always in stock and also are great, cheap wedding ideas for your decor. For a church wedding, I would rather have florals at the celebration; add pillar candles in a clear glass hurricane lamps down the alley for a calm and also charming atmosphere.

* Discount Wedding Dresses: Most brides dream of a Vera Wang or Justin Alexander gown however if your are on a tight budget plan, that will not be possible. A wonderful idea for rebate wedding gowns would certainly be to check out the sample sales and outlet shops for sales costs! You now have a wedding dress that you acquired on a discount rate!

Below, I supply low-cost wedding ideas that will certainly fit your wedding budget!

* Cheap Wedding venues: Most Reception venues bill their greatest costs on weddings held on Friday- Saturday. For inexpensive wedding venues options, try having your occasion on a vacation that happens to drop on a weekday or have your wedding on a Sunday or Monday. * Inexpensive Wedding Cake: Who can afford an intricate, costly wedding cake? To have a truly cost-effective wedding cake, you could have a tiny wedding cake on great as well as a fake bottom for the lower two rates of the wedding cake.

Go Green with these Fantastic Wedding Ideas

Are you a “bride-zilla”? Ideally not. This term was obviously created for the bride that overdoes in her demands for her wedding, also tossing tantrum when factors aren’t fairly going her means.

Not all bride-to-bes are like this, and not simply are they definitely joyful during “their” day, however some couples even use the occasion of their wedding to show their problem for others, as well as worry for the setting. Any sort of bride and groom could use their wedding as an opportunity to repay to the area as well as to lionize for the earth, with the right socially aware wedding ideas. Below are simply a few:.

Wedding Ideas

Stay simple and also as little as possible. Even more visitors imply additional transport, more meals, and also more electricity. Fewer guests mean less waste as well as less consumption. Keep all your wedding ideas humble however stylish.

If you should make use of limos, use simply one for the men and also one for the women. If you could employ a horse-drawn transportation, consider this as an eco-friendly wedding idea, not simply a charming one!

Numerous brides are setting up websites to show family and friends all the plans they’re producing the wedding as well as to publish images, the tale of how the couple satisfied, and so on. One more green wedding idea is to use this site as a means of acquiring your invitation RSVPs too, to do away with both the paper made use of for the cards as well as the gas made use of to deliver them.

Use recycled product as much as feasible. This suggests paper napkins, location cards for the seating chart, matchbook covers, and also whatever other paper wedding ideas you contend your function. You should also look for invitations that are made from recycled paper as well; lots of invitation business supply this alternative.

Stay away from the word “non reusable.” Once and also thrown away, this only refers to something that’s going to be utilized. For some years, a prominent wedding idea has been to leave non reusable cameras at each table of the reception hall for guests to take honest shots, but this suggests several loads disposable electronic cameras gotten rid of within a few days. Multiply that by the variety of weddings that take place throughout the U.S. every weekend and also you view why the garbage dumps are so … complete.

In addition to recycled product, lowered WHAT you make use of also. Have one primary food selection for each and every table positioned magnificently in between instead of a different food selection for every guest. This concept could apply for all your wedding ideas that are published – forego so many of the inserts in your invites that are needless, such as the blotter sheet, the internal envelope, and more.

And the decorations are an additional area where you can be simple to save and also reduce on energy use. Everyone really wants an impressive venue and also reception hall and also your wedding ideas could be something marvelous in scale, but think about getting innovative with designs that can be recycled. Stringing headlights around fabricated trees should add a lovely touch to any sort of wedding – both the light fixtures as well as the trees could be taken house to recycle.

Talk with your flower designer concerning exactly what wedding ideas there are for growing plants that will add just the ideal shade as well as style for your place; visitors could then take the plants house later. This wedding idea will certainly not only add a charming feel, it will reduce back on energy usage from lights.

To save some electricity, make your reception wedding ideas basic. By having a smaller wedding later on in the night you can provide a basic appetizer as well as treat menu, saving not simply electricity but cash.

Make sure you’re choosing products that will be utilized and appreciated; lots of new brides have actually provided up the option of bottled water with individualized tags, as some fall short to recycle the containers. Whatever your option of favors, be of course that it’s something that guests will keep and also value.

As well as the most accountable as well as conscientious point that couples are doing today with their wedding ideas is ensuring that not even the leftover meals goes to waste. Before your ceremony, call a regional soup kitchen and also prepare to have any type of leftovers donated, preferably. You could also obtain your visitors included and ask that they give away to a preferred charity instead of gifts to you, or decide on presents that can be offered to a regional youngsters’s medical center, destitute shelter, etc. These are fantastic socially mindful wedding ideas for the couple that is getting wed after having actually already set up a household, implying that they have little demand for the typical blender or food processors, toaster ovens, etc.

Not all bride-to-bes are like this, and also not just are they absolutely joyous throughout “their” day, however some couples also utilize the event of their wedding to share their worry for others, as well as problem for the setting. Any bride and groom could utilize their huge day as a possibility to offer back to the community as well as to reveal regard for the planet, with the ideal socially mindful wedding ideas. For some years, a popular wedding idea has been to leave disposable video cameras at each table of the function hall for guests to take candid gos, but this indicates several lots disposable electronic cameras tossed away within a few days. To conserve some power, make your celebration wedding ideas easy. And the most conscientious as well as liable point that couples are doing today with their wedding ideas is making sure that not even the extra food goes to lose.

Tips and Tricks for Shooting Wedding Videos like a Professional

Hiring professionals is an option

Wedding Videos

Some people think that hiring wedding videographers and photographers is the way to get professionally-made videos and photos. In reality, it’s easy to duplicate their techniques without having to duplicate their technology. Sometimes, most videographers work with basic camcorders or DSLRs but still end up with the most amazing shots and videos. It is important to note that if you really want to do the videos all by yourself, you have to spend a little money on buying camera equipment and the best movie editing software that money can buy. Although, if you opt for this road, you’re better off hiring a professional if you think you’re going to be using thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment rarely.

However, it is still not a guarantee that you’ll have a professional-looking video even if you have all the professional-grade equipment.

Tips and tricks for DIY wedding videography

HD camera

1.)           Equipment – Equipment is important. One does not simply make use of an ordinary camcorder and start recording videos from scratch. If you fancy DIY wedding videography, you have to spend money on buying a better camera, like an HD camera. The reason why I suggested an HD camera is that even if you’re not planning to release an HD quality video, the important thing here is that the raw shots are of high quality. Apart from the camera, you’d need to purchase reflectors, monopods and tripods, battery packs, and a microphone. These are just the basic accessories that would make every shot look awesome.

2.)           Be prepared – It’s always a good idea to scout the location prior to the wedding date, like a week or so. This is to orient yourself with the possible angling and positions that you can make use of your set-up. You can also plan ahead on where and how to get the best wedding shots, like the dance of the bride and groom. Some videographers also use this opportunity to look for places where they can elevate themselves, like a column or a balcony or even a tree.


3.)           Capturing the essence 2 worlds – The wedding ceremony and reception are two separate worlds that the videographer must try to capture. It’s important that you try to make a flawless transition between these two worlds by capturing the essence; the solemnity of the ceremony and the joyous celebration of the reception. When you capture the essence, you capture the entire theme of the world and it’s the magic that would add to the professional touch of your videos.

4.)           Go for candid – Some of the best shots are often those that are candid or unplanned. Wedding photographers try their hardest to get the best wedding shot, like 1 out of every 100 photos would turn out awesome. The same thing can be applied for wedding videographers. Sometimes, you just have to turn on your camera when your instinct tells you.

Wedding videography can be challenging, but it will provide you with rewards for your efforts


Tips for Newlyweds – Moving from Small Town to Big City

I have been a wedding organizer for too long to the point that I may have become a marriage counselor too. Just kidding. A couple of years ago, I had a couple who were born in a small town in Kitchener, Ontario and they were kind of talking to me about their plans for the wedding. Not long after, they spilled some details about their plans after the wedding, and they asked me how to move to another city because the groom-to-be is to be relocated to a bigger company and they will be given their own house. Few months after that, there was another couple that asked me the same question.


So, how does one make the transition from small town living to big city lifestyle?

I know their feelings of hesitation and slight fear because I was born and raised in a small town and moved to a big city after I got married. It was a very rocky transition and I regret moving on impulse. We didn’t even hire a moving company to help us with the move because we thought our good Samaritan of a cousin was suffice to help us transport the furniture pieces.

If you’re going to be moving to a new town, or more importantly a big city, you need to hire a moving company. it doesn’t matter if it’s a family owned company or a corporate one you can check the reviews about it on G+ or Yelp for example search for Kitchener movers and see the rating. You need professionals to help you lug around huge  furniture pieces and someone who know their way around the city you live in. my advice is to look for a moving company from the place where you’re going to move because they will already have an idea on where you live and how to go about with the moving.


Pack light. Try to minimize what you can bring to your new home as much as possible. This will not only help you save money but also time and energy. Moving companies don’t have big trucks, so they may take two or three trips or you may end up with more than one truck. Either way, it’s going to cost a lot of money.

A new life in a new city

Most newlyweds don’t understand the concept of moving to a new city. When you move to a new place, you get a new life. Everything from there on out will be like you’re back to ZERO, in a way. There will be some transitions that need to be done, like getting used to the public transport system or identifying the nearby grocery stores. But even then, this can be stressful. The first few weeks will be tiring and stressful because of the adjustment and you and your partner need to be ready for this. It’s not easy to move in to a new place and be acquainted with the new environment. Think of how a new kid feels in a different school. Things are awkward and things are difficult, but these are temporary. If you and your partner learn to ride it out, everything will be OK for you.

Cheap Wedding Photography – Pros and Cons

There are no second chances


Wedding preparations are always stressful for both bride and groom; if you’re planning to get married, then you might be feeling the stress already. Wedding preparations are stressful because you want everything to go as planned, from the ceremony to the reception to the photography. Take note, even the slightest slip like a delay in the arrival of the entourage’s gowns and suits can mean the success and failure of your wedding day. With that in mind, the same thing can also be said for getting beautiful wedding photographs. Since you only get married once, it’s always very important that you capture the best moment of your life perfectly, so you don’t want to hire mediocre photographers. It’s like asking a mediocre moving company to help you move across state and you’re unsure of the quality of their service. You’ll never get a second chance at another wedding.

Wedding photos are more important than you think

Wedding photos

Weddings are the grandest moments in our life; it’d be a terrible shame if we didn’t have anything to remember it by and I don’t mean the receipt of the hotel you rented for the honeymoon. I am talking about wedding photographs. There’s nothing more beautiful than reliving the best moment of your life over and over again. Deciding on whether to choose cheap wedding photography services or not is just as important as choosing where to hold the reception. I do admit that weddings are pricey, but allow me to help you by pointing out some pros and cons about cheap wedding photos.

The pros and advantages

–          Affordable wedding photographers are always a good idea if you want to save on your wedding expenses.

–          You can avail of different wedding photography packages from affordable wedding photographers. Why bother paying for more when you can get more by paying less?

–          If you’re not that much into how glamorous the pictures look, you can probably get more pictures if the photographer digital or disposable cameras to capture the moment.

The cons and disadvantages

–          One disadvantage of cheap wedding photography is you are risking quality. Take note, high end photographers will always have an edge when it comes to talent and they will not come cheap.

–          Cheap wedding photography may not be able to fully capture the glamour of the wedding. They may not have the equipment they need at times too. This applies to all services, like a moving company or interior designer. Cheap is never always good.

–          More pictures don’t mean more good pictures. Most of the time, you’ll find a lot of bad shots from the photographer like red irises, an extra person in the background and so on.

Final verdict


Life will always give you second chances, but wedding photography will not. It will never hurt your wallet if you spent a little extra on getting the best wedding photographer for you, whether it’s in your price range or above it. It never hurts to spend more when you’re getting priceless pictures and no amount of money can ever substitute for the precious moments caught on camera.

3 Steps to Avoiding Wedding Planning Failures

Stressful planning

Like any event, weddings have the same chance of failing, just as much as they have at succeeding; which is probably the main reason why wedding planning can be stressful. Truth is, a wedding planner can avoid all the unwanted stress in planning a wedding if they do any of these three steps. I have been in the event planning industry for years, and I can safely say that these steps will not only help you avoid wedding failures, but also other events that you are planning; like corporate meetings, trade shows, etc.


What are the three steps to avoiding wedding planning failures?

When you’re planning events, especially one that involves large crowds like weddings, you need to be able to do these three steps if you want to avoid any failures during the wedding planning phase.



1.)    Plan ahead – You may think that this step is nonsense; after all, why would you plan ahead for planning? When you’re planning ahead, it’s like making a draft of what you want to plan for the wedding. For example, I need to plan for my sister’s wedding, which will take place in 4 months. That’s ample time, right? As early as the day I was asked to plan the wedding, I need to list down everything that I need to plan for. This will serve as a checklist on what I missed out on when it comes to the planning phase. The draft or sketch can contain the list of what to plan like CATERING, VENUE, GUESTLISTS, ENTERTAINMENT, DOCUMENTATION, etc. With a planning checklist on what to plan, I can avoid overlooking one detail over the other, and backtracking is a lot easier.

Backup Computer Key

2.)    Have backups – This does not refer to anything related to files or computers. When it comes to wedding planning, you need to have backups, even at the last possible minute. This step can be integrated into Step #1: PLAN AHEAD. For backups, you need to have a contingency plan in any case one detail is unavailable, like venues, wedding videographers and photographers, caterers, and even entertainers. For this, you can create a list of all possible and available resources that you can tap into. For instance, you can create a list of wedding photographers, so you will know who to contact when the main photographer is unavailable at the last moment.


3.)    Know where to fail – This is very important, as you need to know where you can possibly fail. This does not mean that you are expecting to fail at the wedding planning; you are just acknowledging the road bumps in the planning phase and you know EXACTLY what to avoid. According to Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” For example, if you have doubts about the flow of the program, you can make the necessary corrections the soonest time possible. You can avoid last minute changes and stress during the actual ceremony or event.

If you can do these three steps, you will not have any problem with future wedding planning events, or any event planning for that matter.

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